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The 7th International Exhibition and Scientific Conference

"The Main Trends of Development of the Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2014"

11 - 13 september 2014 Turkmenistan, Ashgabat

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Exhibition Palace «Sergi Koshgi» Built in 2005, is located in the heart of the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashhabad. Address: Independence, 104. more >>>



05.12.2014 | 

International forum on renewable energy. Today, the International scientific conference entitled “Innovative technologies in use of renewable energy” started its work in Ashgabat, in the conference hall of the Center of Technologies of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

     “Today, the overwhelming wealth of the Turkmen depths – energy resources serve the interests of the people, contribute to improving the standards of living of every citizen”

President of Turkmenistan
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov

     Declaring one of the priorities of the national economy modernization of the energy industry ,Turkmenistan ensures all necessary conditions for a powerful breakthrough of strategic industry. Today Turkmen electricity demonstrates consistently high growth rates and rapidly increasing its exports of electricity demand in world markets. Thanks to built in short rows across the country regional powerful new power plants and transmission lines, Turkmen electricity is supplied to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan.



In April, 2013 the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved “The concept of development of electrical power branch of Turkmenistan for 2013-2020”. Each of its stages includes construction of new power plants, power lines, complexes of modern transformer substations, distributive networks. In new power supply systems there put the repeated stock of power taking into account dynamic development of the capital and district zones, an export potential of power industry.


In particular, within the first stage of implementation of this Concept construction of 8 gas-turbine power plants in Akhalsky, Lebapsky and Maryysky district areas, reconstruction of power plants in the cities Sadie, Balkanabat, and also a construction of high-voltage power lines is planned. Carrying out these actions by 2016 will allow to increase electricity generation almost twice.


At the second stage — in 2017-2020 —it is planned to construct 6 more powerful power plants in the country, to carry out transition at gas-turbine stations to the combined management that will allow to increase power capacities without additional production of natural gas. The construction of high-voltage power lines will be also continued. In total it is planned to allocate over 5 billion US dollars for these purposes.


In 2013 the growth rate of outputs of products, works and the services executed by the Ministry of Energy, in comparison with 2012 made 110,5%, on electricity generation — 104,6%.


Laying of suspended power lines is provided. Completion of these works in 2016 will promote strengthening of positions of Turkmenistan in the modern world as the powerful electrical power country. Thanks to the accelerated complex modernization and diversification of the branch infrastructure, repeatedly increased potential of this key sector of economy allows not only to provide already today completely internal requirements, but also to increase export of the electric power demanded in the world markets. Now considerable volumes of the electric power go for export to Iran and Afghanistan.




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